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Innovation as the key for transforming ground-breaking concepts into market bestsellers

Our daily challenge consists in developing unprecedented and distinctive solutions. The number of patents obtained and pending testifies to our on-going commitment to developing highly innovative products and services, in order to provide our clients with a unique service that favors their unique characteristics.

Multilayer tablets

Technology for the oral administration – in a single product – of formulations with active substances or mixtures of active ingredients for diversified sustained and controlled release, for a more efficacious action in the body.  

The advantages:

  • prevention of incompatibility between active substances and excipients, which are kept apart from one another until the time of administration

  • administration of the same or different substances, for controlled release and with a direct and diversified action on the area to be treated

  • ease of administration: using separate layers and different colours differentiates the product from other lozenges and provides visual evidence of the use of different groups of ingredients (e.g. vitamins and minerals)


To date, Biofarma Group is the first CDMO in the Italian nutraceutical field to use this innovative, patented German technology, which is suitable for powders, capsules and tablets, to coat and protect an ingredient while keeping it active and stabilised, until the moment chosen for release.

The advantages:

  • gastroresistance

  • taste-masking 

  • controlled release

  • better solubility of hydrophobic substances

  • combination of different substances for better bioavailability and absorption

Dry-Cap and M-Cap

Dry-Cap and M-Cap are based on a special two-phase packaging technology making it possible to enclose and at the same time separate in the same main pack, the solid component (powder) and liquid component of the product. This type of packaging is particularly well-suited to probiotic-based drugs, but it can also be used for vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

The advantages:

  • easy to use in all situations

  • maintains the benefits of the powder, which is contained in an environment that protects it from moisture and light

  • excellent product stability, with a shelf life of 36 months (Dry-Cap) and 24 months (M-Cap)


T-Win is a powder packaging system that has been patented in Italy and is pending international patent. A sachet with two separate chambers makes it possible to package different but mixable powders that need to be kept separate until use. The two chambers can be opened at the same time with a single gesture.

The advantages:

  • great formulation versatility

  • excellent product stability

  • improved solubility of ingredients that are not water-soluble

  • effervescence makes ingredients with an unpleasant taste easier to take

  • ease of use

ODT – Orally Disintegrated Tablet

ODTs are tablets with a solid form that disintegrate in the mouth without water in approximately 30 seconds, to guarantee greater convenience and better compliance for a vast range of therapeutic indications and patient types.

The advantages:

  • greater convenience than other dosage forms

  • easy to swallow without water

  • faster therapeutic action for certain supplements

  • accurate dosing, without the risk of fluid leakage

  • easier to take and manage than conventional tablets or capsules to be swallowed

BOV (Bag on Valve)

BOV technology has revolutionised the production of aerosols pressurised with liquid or compressed gases. The product is contained inside a bag connected to the valve, that is immersed in a non-chemical, non-flammable compressed air-based propellant that guarantees absolute safety and does away with emissions that are harmful for the environment.

The advantages:

  • absolute product protection and integrity without any contamination by the propellant

  • reduces waste 

  • the product can be dispensed regardless of the container’s position

  • environmentally friendly, free from greenhouse gases

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