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Production and packaging of advanced cosmetics for third parties

Biofarma group deals with the development, production and packaging of cosmetic products for third parties: from facial treatments to body, hair and skin care products for every skin type, including the most sensitive and delicate one of children.

The ability to read and interpret the need of the market and the customers makes us attentive to issues such as:

  • Environmental sustainability: we develop green NATRUE certifiable formulations and cosmetics made with the highest natural ingredients only. A new idea of ​​beauty that celebrates eco-friendly technologies and natural cosmetic products with fewer and simpler ingredients.

  • In&Out Beauty: we produce cosmetics with innovative formulations designed to act on the body from the inside out, exploiting the nutraceutical properties of food. A production that complies with the idea that beauty is related to health and a healthy lifestyle.

Biofarma Group’s cosmetics production statistics
bulk production lines
packaging lines
million kg of bulk (annual capacity)

A responsible cosmetic production

Biofarma group promotes responsible cosmetic production that respects both the environment and the animals. For this reason, we carefully choose the raw materials we use in our cosmetics and their suppliers, ensuring the goodness of their production process and their ethics, and we develop certifiable green formulations.   

We strongly believe in the “less is more” philosophy and produce, for third parties, transparent and reliable cosmetic products packaged in eco-friendly packaging solutions.

BOV (Bag on Valve): in the Bag-on-Valve packaging system, the bag of inert material containing the cosmetic is inserted into an aluminium can. The space between the bag and the can is pressurized with air or nitrogen so that the gas, pressing the dispenser button, allows the product to pour out.

  • More safety and stability of the product: never coming into contact with the environment, the cosmetic product guarantees better performance, prolonged stability, less need for preservatives and superior safety;

  • Ease of use and less waste: the supply of the product is practical, uniform and complete (up to 99%) at all angles, even if using the can upside down;

  • Attention to the environment: the employ of inert fluid propellants such as nitrogen or compressed air (instead of the traditional liquid propellants) makes the packaging system eco-friendly.

Solid formulations: Biofarma group has many years of experience producing innovative high-performance cosmetics with solid formulations and sustainable packaging. Solid cosmetics, produced without or with a small amount of water, have concentrated formulas rich in active ingredients that make them more durable than traditional products, even without additional preservatives.

Waterless formulations: waterless beauty is the new frontier of advanced cosmetics. Our Research and Development laboratories study and produce cosmetics for third parties with formulations rich in concentrated or vegetable oils, powders and butter that enrich the skin and allow the principles of the cosmetic product to perform at their best.

Therapeutic areas
  • Moisturizing and nourishing treatments
  • Cleansing treatments
  • Soothing treatments
  • Oral Care
  • Cleansing Treatments
  • Skin wellness
  • Antioxidants
  • Sun Protection
  • Draining treatments
  • Cleansing treatments
  • Moisturizing treatments
  • Hygiene

Discover the other sectors

Food supplements

Biofarma Group produces nutraceuticals and food supplements for third parties, capable of preventing chronic diseases and improving health status.

Medical devices

Biofarma Group to develops and manufactures innovative and effective ready-to-market medical devices, both for third parties and in out-licensing.


Biofarma Group develops products containing probiotics, capable of protecting the body by strengthening the intestinal ecosystem and positively influencing the immune system.

Clinical studies

Biofarma Group develops highly innovative solutions capable of establishing themselves in the market as leading products, accompanied by clinical studies attesting to their effectiveness.

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