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The secrets of a logistics in perfect shape

Data: 29_03_2021
Category: Corporate

Logistics represents a strategic element in reality like Biofarma Group, oriented towards growth and international expansion. It is especially true in times, such as the current ones, where the challenge is to cope with new distribution models, reduced lead times, flexibility, and continuous innovation to be increasingly competitive.

About two years ago, with the creation of the Logistics Hub of Biofarma2, a delicate and significant project began to review internal logistics flows, which today represents an example of optimizing distribution processes and increasing efficiency and business flexibility in collaboration with the Ceccarelli Group company.

The logistics revolution

“Collaborating with one of our historical leaders in logistic partners, we analyzed and mapped our processes, re-designed the operational flows, and implemented IT tools to have data available in real-time. Thus, aiming to optimization,” explains Ciro Caterino, Wharehouse Manager of the Mereto website.

About a year after launching the activity, we have reached advantages in two directions: greater management flexibility of peaks by promptly reorganizing work shifts according to different needs; greater efficiency that allowed us to make fewer mistakes in favor of punctuality.

People first

The protagonists of this significant change are 32 operators and eight employees who currently collaborate in the Mereto Logistics Hub.

“I am proud of my team – comments Ciro – I feel lucky to be able to collaborate with participating guys, who know how to help each other, and who have understood how important the spirit of collaboration is to achieve results. This project shows that only with everyone’s contribution is it possible to create something unique for the company’s development.”

Looking to the future

We can now share new working and organizational methods: “We are working on bringing this model of efficiency and cooperation to other sites to ensure that the advantages can be an operating standard capable of generating value for the whole Group,” – specifies Caterino.

But there is no shortage of technological developments: for example, in 2021, it is planned to install monitors that report daily operating levels in real-time, the adoption of an electronic recall system for the enslavement of production lines to dematerialize the current request procedures material thus reducing paper, time and the possibility of errors, and the purchase of LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle) vehicles, i.e., automatic vehicles without the man on board, to be used for the distribution of packaging material in the packaging departments.

The numbers of the logistics hub

Height under beam: 12 meters

3.058 sqm shipping area

9.261 sqm logistics/storage area

Trilateral warehouse (12,400 packaging places + 4350 places PF insulated +8°C/+25°C)

Retractable warehouse (3. 200 seats)

Cold room (700 pallet places at temperature +2°C/+8°C)

Cold room (77 pallet places at temperature -18°C/-22°C)

Shipping: 3.500/4.000 per year

References: 1.800 packagings, 2.600 raw materials, 5.000 codes of finished products

Incoming goods: 350/400 pallets per day

Outgoing goods: 300/350 pallets per day

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